Tips for Garage Door Repair Boulder – Replacing Glass

Tips for Garage Door Repair Boulder – Replacing Glass

If you have children or have children near you, you can be sure that sooner or later you will have to think about this type of garage door repair. The good news is that replacing broken glass in a wooden frame is quite easy and you can finish it very quickly. There is one important detail to remember: You must always wear gloves to avoid injury.

Start outside

First remove the loose piece of glass on the outside. To erase all parts, you may need to use a spatula to loosen the glass on the edge. You can also use a small chisel for this purpose. If that doesn’t work, try heating it with a heat gun or dehumidifier. If none of these methods work, you can apply a little linseed oil and let the glaze soften.

Take out the whole glass

After the glass layer has softened, you must remove all pieces of glass. Also remove the remaining screeds and paint from the frame. Clean everything, otherwise new material will not stick to the surface. If there is empty wood, you must make it prime to protect it from the elements.

Size plays a role in repairing garage doors

Measure the height and width of the window opening and reduce each 0.125 inches. Then measure the thickness of the glass. When you have all this information, go to the glass shop or hardware store to get a new window.

Frame the glass

Make sure that the primer you applied has dried before starting work. Use the glass to make a thin rope and push it into the frame. Insert a new glass and press lightly on the edges. In this way you can be sure that the glass is attached to the glass. You can use a spatula to help you. Even if you need to press it, make sure it’s not too much so you don’t break the glass.

Finishing touch

Finally, apply a little more glaze to the edges. To make it look more attractive, you need to smooth it with a tilted screed blade. It takes about one week for the screed to dry completely. After this happens, you can use putty like wood scraps and paint it to fit the garage door.

Doing this type of garage door repair is not rocket science, but keep in mind that broken glass can be dangerous. Therefore you must make it your first priority to fix the problem as soon as possible. The good thing about such projects is that there are visible results so you end up feeling like a pro, even if you’ve never done anything like this before – you’ve experienced. It is also better to hire a garage door repair Boulder experts when things got tough.

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